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Char Kueh Tiaw and Char Mee Hoon :)

Scribbled by mira

It is a must in Malaysia, be it if you're in Kuching or anywhere in Sarawak, please oh please try the fried kway/kueh tiaw (fat flat noodle) noodle or mee hoon.. :)

ive had my tries in cooking these two dish but it bever worked out. I always seem to either made it too dry or too wet.. please if anyone out there is willing to share the secrets of making this.. hehe.. i'll be more than honoured to post your recipes up on my blog and link it to your blog as well. :)

i so love this dish with lots of taugeh (bean sprouts), clams, chicken or seafood. Love it spicy and a lil salty. I havent had any favourite/prefered stalls or restaurant selling this, to me, if its a chinese whom is cooking this dish, im most satisfied! :) there are tons of stalls around kuching where you can get this. I prefer chinese cooking as the ones i tried in malay stalls are always too oily.

char kway/kueh tiaw aka fried kway/kueh tiaw

char mee hoon aka fried mee hoon


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Phyllis said...

Char Kueh Tiaw is my husband's favorite dish of all time. We can actually get it in New Jersey at a local Malaysian restaurant. I've given up hope trying to make it at home - came out too wet and Kris almost died from the smell of the blachan! :)