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Cool Cuts Live in Kuala Lumpur

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Hey y'all!!

Promoting cool hair cuts from Unique Touch, live only in Kuala Lumpur! Enjoy the pictures and feel me if you get what I mean, I'm loving the style and passion in them! 

Contact us for more details, Mr. God'swill 010-9685910.

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Borneo Bistro / Jungle Cafe

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Hey y'all... 

Its been a while now.. 
Im running a kitchen here in Miri.. well mainly am the one cooking.. 
Feast yee eyesssss ei~~ :) <3 all..="all.." div="div" hearts="hearts" nbsp="nbsp">
I will try to update this blog asap with more food collections and recipes.. 
And i need support from all to add in the menu.. 
I would really appreciate it coz Im really into this and would love more feedback all the time.. :) 
Enjoy the pictures.. :) 

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PhotoBlog: FullHouse @ Penang

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iBilik - New Design

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Looking for a suitable room for rent? Short term or long term? You've found it! Here you can search for rooms to your liking all over Malaysia. It is Malaysia's largest room database where you could search for rooms as well as as advertise your own rental rooms for free. With over 100,000 listing posted online all across Malaysia from Kuala Lumpur, Cheras, Setapak, Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya and even in Penang.

This is how the site looks like.. :)

The site is very easy and user friendly. You could browse at ease without worrying much. There's a side panel button on the left side of the screen where you could enter your search request such as room preferences - either female only, male only and etc. There's a range of locations to pick from too - ranging from most major states in Malaysia - Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Penang, Perak, Perlis, Sabah, Sarawak, Selangor and even in Terengganu. 'Hot' locations in Kuala Lumpur are also pinpointed for your ease.

Once you've found a desired choice, the page will bring you to its description, price (monthly rental), its preference (if any) and some additional feature for the room (such as extra furniture and etc). If you are dissatisfied with the current choice, the page shows a choice of 'similar rooms' at the bottom of the page for you to choose from. Very easy and useful!

The site's latest taxi ads! :)

Well, hurry and start selecting your choices. For further enquiries, do not hesitate to contact via their question forms on the page or drop them mail at Ocision Sdn Bhd, 3-5 Avenue, Jalan Masjid PJU 6A, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia and call at 016-3110394 (Advertising) and 03-374502340 (24 Hours Customer Support). You could even drop them an email at support@ibilik.com. You could surf their blog too at blog.ibilik.com.

Ive been meaning to try this recipe ever since..
Just never got to doing it..
Went to my aunts for christmas and my sis and I, guess we finished half the tray of this delicious cake.. :)
Im making Crackers Layer Cake... or well.. dunno how else to translate it.. its similar to making tiramisu, the one i made before with ladies finger / boudoir... but this one.. im not sure hows it goin to look when its done...
i had a few difficulties in deciding hw thick each layer of cream cheese should be..
Basically this recipe is a layer of crackers (saltcrackers) and a layer of cream cheese, then set for chilling and done..!

recipe as below;

for the cream fillings;
500grams of Cream Cheese
10 - 30 mL of full cream milk
half cup of sugar

for the crackers;
2 packs of saltcheese crackers (By Khong Guan)
a bowl of warm full cream milk

all you need to do is beat the cream cheese with the sugar till its a lil fluffy, then, add the milk bit by bit.. til its looking a lil creamier in texture.. leave aside...

once your filling is done, soak each cracker in the warm milk for a second or two, then put it at the base of your tray.. arrange it piece by piece.. then put a layer of cream cheese on top.. then layer all over again wit this crackers.. remember to soak them just a while.. not too soggy ei..

once all this done.. (im not sure how many layers.. this is my first attempt hey.. :p so.. im experimenting still.. im sure.. its to your liking tho..)

Enjoy!! :)

Beat your cream cheese till creamy like tis.. :)

saltcheese crackers.. :) just two packs wud do..

Soak em crackers in warm milk... ei.. just a sec or two..

cream cheese a layer..

then your crackers a layer.. do it alternatively as to when u cut it.. it will have a wonderful pattern.. :)

layer by layer ei.. :)

tada.. nw puttin it to chill.. :)

It should look like this when its done.. :p
This one is done with Marie biscuits.. chocolate flavour.. mine is with saltcheese.. :)
Lets see hw it goes ei.. will post up the pics when its done..


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Bread Pudding :)

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tis.. moi first attempt in making bread pudding..
ive never tried... eaten it in a few restaurants and some party.. but.. never thought of doin it myself.. :)
so tis.,,,,the first attempt ei~~ :)

the recipe says.. grease the pan..
more butter, the better~~

so... this is actually, a mixture of 4 egss and 4 teaspoon of sugar and 4 teaspoon of butter..
(i blended it in a blender, coz the lady -whom i'll mention later said to just blend it instead using the mixer.. so what the heck~~ hehehe..)
then pour all the mixture into this greased pan..

on an earlier notion, soak 7-8 pieces of bread in full cream milk, like about 500-600mL of milk.. or enough just to soak em..
it will get soggy, so just bear with it.. its OK.. dont panic~

Lastly.. arrange the bread as you like piece by piece unto the mixture you've set earlier on.. some other recipes show that you should cut the bread into pieces but i'd rather stick to this.. :)
Bake @ 180 Deg C for 40 Mins! ;)

Now.. its in the oven,... im waitin.... hohohoho!!

Its to be served with custard sauce or vanilla sauce but u could eat it on its own as well - either freshly hot from the oven or.. cool it first..


and.. Credits to Fawwazniha..

for helping me in this attempt!!

Still in the ovennn~~
Bear with me if i cant get a pic when its done!! ;p


Thissss just went in my tummy... :)